Dealer Prep. and Fleet Service Package

Capitalize On Our Premier Vehicle Dealerships

Selling your automobile might not be that hard, but getting top dollar for it would definitely need some attention. This is where our specialized car dealer services can help you out. When you come to us at Tint 2 You Pro, our experts thoroughly take care of all the aesthetic and mechanical dimensions of your vehicle to get it prepped in a professional manner. Some of the incredible services you can expect from our leading vehicle dealerships include:

  • Vehicle preparation
  • Peel paint
  • Customized cutaway
  • Platform bucks
  • Chop tops
  • Window tints
  • Color changing vinyl tints

And many more!

Contact Us to Employ Our Unbeatable Fleet Management and Car Dealer Services

At Tint 2 You Pro, we competently manage automobile fleets on your behalf. Our vehicle dealerships are wonderfully designed to store and display multiple vehicles within our state of the art facilities. We can repair, reserve and prep your automobiles either for selling or a wide assortment of projects. An advanced fleet management mechanism is employed by us that facilitates you in virtually viewing your fleet and check out its history, reservations and schedules with the help of a few clicks.

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